Saturday, May 02, 2009


Instead of having our usual weekend catch up at the coffee chains, today we decided to try out somewhere different, hence we were at Si Tigun Cafe on Nagore Road, next to New World Park. It is situated along a stretch of beautifully preserved pre-war buildings.

Whenever I see tiramisu (rm7.50) on the menu, the other cakes will automatically become second choice! haha... I'm glad we went for this, it tastes as good as it looks. The alcohol in the cake packs a punch too! Goes so well with a cup of strong Turkish coffee (rm4.50).

I'd come back here to try out their different types of coffees and cakes. Overall, it's a nice & relaxing place to hang out. Nothing pretentious, prices are reasonable and just somewhere nice to spend an afternoon.
Here are more pics that I took today....

Monday, November 17, 2008


This is a belated post for my birthday dinner this year! Just 2 months overdue, don't worry, the menu of this restaurant is still current! hahaha... Now as usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking, while we droooool over it! Here goes:

This is a "must order" whenever you come to this restaurant - Peking Duck!

It comes with a second dish by using the leftover meat on the duck. So order a dish, you get another! This time it is stir fried with mung beans. Or you can order "Sang Choi Bao"... where the duck meat is stir fried with other veges and you eat by wrapping it in lettuce leaves.

Since it was my birthday, my dear friends surprised me with this dish!!!
Thank you!


Deep fried blue cod, very fresh and aromatic - so nice just with plain white rice

Homemade tofu, crispy on the outside, silky smooth inside!

Deep fried prawns balls coated with salted duck egg. Sinful (who cares!) yet yummy.

Feeling so hungry now that you want to eat the monitor?? hahaha.... See below for restaurant details :)

HKD Seafood Restaurant
928 Dominion Road
Mt Roskill
09 - 620 8928

Friday, September 05, 2008

PIC OF THE DAY 05/09/2008

Please excuse the reflection in the glass... saw this at a bus stop by Downtown Auckland.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just recently had the chance to properly explore Sylvia Park, this new mall not far from my home. Quite impressed with the design and atmosphere at this mall. Especially quite keen to walk around the new Warehouse Extra which sells groceries along with the usual Warehouse products. Here's a few pictures which I managed to snap while exploring this huge mall.

Walkway from the carpark to the mall

The outside

This is the sign that you can see while driving along the motorway


The atrium of the mall

Warehouse Extra from the road

Overall it's a nice mall, everything is still shiny & new. Will go back soon to check out their Borders Bookstore!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I haven't been here for a long time now so it was a good idea when my friends suggested this place. The last time we were here may be a year or so ago, the restaurant was clean and food was delicious. This time is totally opposite of our previous encounter.

The first thing which would come to mind as you enter the restaurant is THE MOST SLIPPERY FLOOR ever! As my friend said, it felt like being in a ice skating ring. I have my sneakers on and it felt like walking on oil! Even the staff there have to be so careful when serving the food. Ridiculous!

The dishes were nothing to shout about. My roast duck and BBQ pork combination on rice was marginally OK. The meat were not hot and duck skin certainly wasn't crispy.

Other below average dishes which we ordered were....

Certainly won't be coming back here in a hurry!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

PIC OF THE DAY - 04/07/2008

This the view of Downtown Auckland taken by me last week. As you see in the picture, they are adding a couple more floors to the previous Air New Zealand building. Slightly to the right is the Vero building which is currently Auckland's tallest office tower.

What a beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Had dinner here over the weekend. Here are some pictures to show some of their dishes if you've never been there. Could only get a table close to 8pm since they can get really busy most nights. Their service is good, restaurant is clean and food is delicious! Definitely one of my favourite places to dine.

Welcome to Jolin Shanghai Restaurant! As you can see the menu has pictures of the dishes available. Especially useful if you're not too familiar with Shanghai cuisine.

You can see the portion of the dishes are quite large as well.
One of my favourite dishes, the braised pork ribs. The meat is so tender. The sauce is superb to go with a BIG bowl of plain rice.

Another signature dish here must be their xiao long bao. The skin is really thin and soup inside is full of flavour. This is a must-order here.

They have deep fried dishes such as salt & pepper prawns, chicken or pork.

Hungry yet? Go give it a try and tell me what you think of it :)